Hello humble traveler, I hope you had as pleasant a Thursday as I did. Though I’m sure very few of you got to finally meet your previously, exclusively online Dom.

Our meet went well. By well, I of course mean, absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to visit again. But I don’t know when that’ll get to be. So I’m trying not to get too excited over the trip. Least I get too lonely and melancholy in the mean time. Our discussion over living costs in Sydney and the average wage of a retail employee an eye opening conversation for the both of us.

I was quieter than usual and low key nervous the whole time, but I expected no less. I’m happy with how comfortable I became and that I wasn’t too indecisive. Though I am now hyper aware of how limited my palate is. Not too surprising when mash and steak are the main staples of my household. So I think Daddy did amazingly well picking places to eat from my vague requests.

Our foray into the sexual was pleasantly gradual. Holted somewhat by my inexperience. Though not by my knowledge, but rather my body’s current limitations. I wasn’t ashamed or upset by that though, it’s hardly something I can control, and didn’t stop me from being able to please my Daddy.

His endearment over my inclination to sit on the floor beside his chair rather than on the sectional away from him was amusing. He seemed pleasantly baffled by the natural submissive tendency. I just didn’t want to have to sit across the room from him, anyway it gave him the perfect position to stroke my neck and fiddle with my hair.

It also left me in a prime position to be able to take his length into my mouth. Something we experimented with during our time together. I must say I am enjoying oral, and from what I gathered I’m not too bad at it. His hands twisting up and tugging at my hair making it all the more pleasant.

Speaking of that fine line, I must say I do hope the few slaps I got on my ass are a promise of more to come. They didn’t even sting afterwards and I’m interested to know what its like when they do. While it’s better I didn’t come out the other side of the visit hickied to heck as I have a week away with family now. I really wish he’d marked me up in some way, so I’d have some physical reminder of a time that otherwise feels like a dream. Baby steps though I suppose, I still need to master the basics before progressing into physical declarations of ownership.

His attentions were amazing, it was so primally pleasing to have someone fuss over me. Make sure I was comfortable, fed and cared for. Even just the most basic of physical contact was like cold water to parched lips. I’ve just felt so emotionally starved, and it felt so fulfilling to be someone’s priority.

It’s kind of sad how happy I was to have someone help me zip my dress up this morning. Such a simple thing… But it just means so much to me, I can’t even remember the last time it happened. For someone who’s always had to have a decent level of self sufficiency its such joy to not have to be so independent. To be able to rely on someone without feeling like you’re a burden.

So while I go process all that the last two days have bestowed upon me, I hope you too find joy in the simple things in life dear traveler.

I wish you well,


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