Hello bewildered traveler! I hope your year has had as swell a start as my own. Half baked plans have born unexpected fruit and I’m positively vibrating with excitement. Who new an impromptu visit to friends would lead to our first meeting!

Our soon has arrived! I’m getting a few firsts all at once with the introduction of a day trip to my experiences. Such a simply thing that has never been apart of my life, the luxury of buying plane tickets for one night seems to be my first introduction to my Daddy’s pampering.

How different our worlds are that the thought of spending only one night in another city had not occurred to me before his suggestion. I’ve grown up with a mentality of not having the money to waste on such frivolities of one night trips. No, I’ve been taught to take as much as I can from an experience, so my mind has been clouded with week long trips where I can get more in for the same airfare. How odd and exciting it feels to go there for only one night with the promise of more visits to come.

For I feel that more visits will be entailed. We are having this first short visit to test the waters and our compatibility in real life. Yet the investment I feel he has already put onto me makes me believe that we could hardly stop at one. Tough maybe that is my wishful thinking, maybe we will meet and not get along at all.

Though I don’t think that would crush me. Yes I would be saddened at the loss of his company. But this Daddy has been such a stepping stone into such a whole new world for me. I could hardly see myself being disheartened be the ending of my first Dom/sub relationship.

But I don’t want to dwell on that, I want to soar on the mix of euphoria, anticipation and hint of fear that wells inside me. For someone like me fear is mixed with every new experience; but I’ve learnt to turn it into a more excited fear, rather than a destructive, limiting one.

I must dash now, I have to pack to my ‘one change of clothes’ into a bag either too big or too small as the spontaneity has left me woefully unprepared. My notoriety for over-packing something I’d like my Daddy to be ignorant of for a little while longer. Oh and to attempt to undo the slight neglect my beauty routine has gone through over the holiday season.

I wish you well,


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